Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)

Ministry Leaders:  Marquelle Mingo, Chair,

History:  The Book of Discipline, 258.2, requires every congregation to have a committee on staff/parish relations (SPRC). SPRC members are proposed by the Emory Grove committee on nominations and elected by the Charge Conference. The Discipline requires The Grove lay leader to be an SPRC member. One member must be a young adult (18-35).   SPRC should be the most diverse committee at The Grove, with a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 9 members.

Leadership Requirements:  SPRC members should be Christian spiritual leaders who demonstrate:  regular worship attendance, small group participation, Bible study, confidentiality, and regular generous giving.  These practices are essential for committee members to bring integrity to the leadership of this ministry.

Management:  SPRC focuses on — 

  • building strong relationships between staff and the congregation. Strong relationships lead to ministry that positively impacts Christian disciple making so that God’s will may be done for the transformation of our community and our world. Our work ensures Emory Grove has a vital and effective congregation.
  • administrative tasks such as policies and staff contracts.
  • holding both staff and congregation accountable for carrying through with plans and promises and dealing with celebrations and disappointments that are bound to occur in any human family and church.

Administration, relationship building, leadership and management. That is SPRC!

Transforming, Loving, Committing…