Ministry Leaders:  Paula Warner, Director
Alfred (“AJ”) Johnson, Media Engineer, Penny Johnson-Knowles,  Marcell Wiley, “The Ministry of Ministries,” The Grove’s Communications Ministry uses the power of the media. to evangelize and communicate God’s Word, Love, and The Grove’s TLC vision. The Grove’s  Communications Ministry is integral in providing clarity of The Grove’s vision in action. We hope that those that follow us will experience The Grove’s TLC.  Our Ministry facilitates and provides an effective, current, and engaging ministry at The Grove. The Communications Ministry itself is at the service to ALL ministries at The Grove. The Communications Ministry is Transforming the World, Loving the Community, Committing to Christ by shedding a positive, influential, and responsible Light with impactful messages and images that reflect God’s Love.

Transforming, Loving, Committing…