Ministry Leaders: Ronnie Nelson, Chair
 Mildred Frazier and Debbie K Smith

The Membership Ministry is responsible for intake and spiritual preparation of new members, accurate record-keeping, and nurturing of members.  Spiritual Gifts:   Servanthood, Exhortation (encouragement), Administration

The Membership Ministry makes disciples and, through spiritual growth, can help to Transform the World, Love the Community, and continue to Commit to Jesus Christ by:

    • Welcoming new members
    • Facilitating spiritual growth study for new/recommitted members
    • Encouraging non-participating members to lead them into active church relationships
    • Informing members of Bible Studies, Services & Ministries of the church
  • Maintaining birthday & sick lists and sending greeting cards
  • Keeping accurate membership records (Membership Roll, Baptisms, Death, Roll Removals)

Transforming, Loving, Committing…