Health & Wellness

2018 Health & Wellness Leaders:  Odessa Nolan and Yvette Gause

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Health Freedom Walk | June 9
Join our Circle of Friends (COF) Team – Steppers in the Name of Love.  Emory Grove will be participating in this annual event.  In partnership with the African-American Health Program (AAHP) – we will begin the six (6) week training program to get conditioned – physically, mentally, and spiritually for the Health Freedom Walk.  The Walk symbolizes and connects participants to the history of Black people who traveled the Underground Railroad to reach their freedom. We are working to empower ourselves and others, so that we can take our own walk to freedom. We want to liberate ourselves, loved ones, neighbors, and coworkers from health issues that are greatly impacting our community.

Starting in mid-April, we will participate in weekly walking groups, and you will be encouraged to walk daily on your own.  Then on June 9th, we will walk, with other participating groups, in celebration of our commitment to health.   We are committed to the mission of the Circle of Friends and want everyone to participate by any means.  If you cannot make it to the weekly group walks – join us virtually.  We will be using free apps like Fitbit, MapMyWalk, and MapMyFitness.

We are recruiting participants from our congregation and our surrounding community.  AAHP will also be referring interested participants, that contact them, to our group.  Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to actively live our TLC mission:  Transforming the World, Loving the Community, and Committing to Christ.

Women’s Wellness Workshop | May 5, 1-3pm @The Grove