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WAYS TO CONNECT…  from Pastor Tammi

During this time of pandemic, we recognize it may be difficult and/or somewhat challenging to connect with God.  We invite families and students to journey along with us via daily devotions over the next couple of weeks.  You can do the following together  parents with students.  Also, with these daily devotions you can begin on Monday in your personal devotion time as students.

  • Morning Time: One day this week share a verse about love. If your preteen/teen has time before starting virtual classes, ask if they could pray with you (it’s okay if they don’t or say no). Pray for them to see opportunities to encourage a friend or teacher. Focus on reminding them that part of our faith is choosing to speak and act in love.
  • Meal Time:  Being together at the table is a natural time to share stories from the day. Try to specifically ask for stories about how words were used to make a difference positively or negatively. This is also a great chance to share your own story as a way to be vulnerable with your teen. No matter what situation is shared, thank them for telling you, and remind them that they have power to make a difference.
  • Their Time: The next time your preteen/teen talks about social media, pay attention to how they feel about social media, and take note of who they may be following. Ask questions about why they follow certain people and what is interesting about them. This is a great way to show your preteen/teen that you are interested in what they’re interested in.
  • Bed Time: This week make a list of some moments where your preteen/teen used their words to encourage someone else. Then one night this week, give your preteen/teen that list and share with them how you are proud of them. This is a great way to remind them that they can make a difference in the lives of others simply by being encouraging with their words.

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